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{Thursday, October 27, 2005} Bald Girl
So I took K to the doctor yesterday. He said that it's nothing to be worried about. Apparently she ladned so hard that the impact killed her hair follicles in that spot. Her hair should grow back, but it'll be AT LEAST a year before that starts happening. He's referring her to a dermatologist for further eval. He said that the dermatologist should have a procedure that will help her hair grow back sooner, but it'll still take 6-9 months with the help. And he's thinking that it's an injection that does this. So if that's the case I will be waiting to let it grow on its own.

Oh yeah and that goose egg, well it's bone and it's permanent. He said that the impact caused the bone to grow so she has a permanent goose egg on the back of her head.


Blogger Brandi said...

Good lord. I have never heard of that happening either!

Glad that it's nothing to worry about!

9:12 AM  

Blogger The Village Idiot said...

That happened to a friend of mine who fell down and smacked her head on a pool table in a drinking/balance related fall. The hair does grow back.

11:49 AM  

Blogger Sorrow X said...

hey brandi, thanks for droppin by ma blog, dinch know mothers would be reading the shit i wrote...hah. really like yer overall layout, real chick. thinkin of changin mine, but i suck at computer language stuff, too lazy to pick it up either

12:43 PM  

Blogger Queen of Spain said...

Thats crazy! At least its the back of her head. I think. Yikes.

4:27 PM  

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