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{Thursday, November 10, 2005} Back to the Races
Last night was the first time in a couple of months that we went out to the race track. It was pretty fun. R was pretty unsure of himself though, which made it a bit hard on him. It reminded me of when he very first started racing and was scared to start at the gate. Well last night he did start from the gate AND he was still balancing like a pro. But he wasn't used to riding with people so close to him and having someone crash in front of him. So that freaked him out a bit.

So this morning I asked him if he would like to go race this evening. I half expected to hear him say no, but he surprised me and very excitedly said "yes". I'm pretty excited about it. I know there isn't much racing left for this year, so I want him to take full advantage of it. Now I just hope that I can balance work and races. When R was racing before I wasn't working and even then it was extremely hectic. Looks like tonight will be another McDonald's night. Or maybe Burger King.


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