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{Friday, November 25, 2005} Adderall did not work
Well we're back from the doctor's office, from Rs follow up. Here's a run down of the past week.

Thursday - R starts meds. R dropped his pants in class and gets supsended for the rest of the week.
Friday - R is pretty much good all day. But honestly, I think it had something to do with the fact that he was completely alone with me and he was under my constant supervision.
Saturday - R was pretty decent. He only had a couple of usual sibling problems.
Sunday - R was for the first 4 hours on his pill. Then suddenly he changed and started throwing temper tantrums and yelling that he hated me because I wouldn't let him get a comic book. I mean come on, what parent would buy their kid something when they're still in trouble from a couple of days before?
Monday - Rs first day back at school from his suspension. He gets into trouble for talking too much in class and has to fill out a redirection form. But according to R it was someone else talking to him, yet this someone else doesn't get into any trouble.
Tuesday - R gets into trouble at school for punching a girl in the neck while out at recess. What I don't get is that this is the girl R really likes. Then in the evening, R bites his sister and breaks the skin on her arm.
Wednesday - Rs teacher confiscates one of his folders due to him writing something pretty bad on it. I have yet to find out what it is though. She wouldn't go into detail until I have a chance to go see her. So I'm having to take time off work to meet with her on Monday.
Thursday - R stabs his cousin with a stick.

So as you can see, the meds have not worked. So the doctor has upped the dosage on his night time pill, Trileptol, and has once again changed his medication. Now he will be starting Concerta tomorrow morning. I am supposed to see a difference right away. Let's hope that's true. Then Monday I have to call the doc back and give him an update so he can decide where to go from there.


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