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{Monday, November 14, 2005} Well....
We went to the BMX dinner on Saturday and had a BLAST. R was having so much fun, even though he didn't win any prizes. Yeah that means we didn't win the all expense paid trip to Grands. But that's alright, we weren't ready for something like that anyway.

They gave out these really cool gear bags that I've decided I'm gonna get R one for christmas. Here it is Carry On Gearbag

I'm thinking about having it personalized with his nickname "Dare Devil". My cousin went too and took her daughter (who is the one that got us started in racing). Anyway, she got all pissy and walked out when she found out her daughter would NOT be receiving the really cool bag. She figured that since she was 2nd in the state she should be getting a bag. What she didn't seem to realize was that this dinner and prizes were for the Duke City racers. And needless to say, my cousin's little girl is a Badlands rider. LOL

Well that's it for now, I have a ton of work to catch up on today since I came in late this morning.


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