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{Tuesday, November 22, 2005} Can't think of a whitty title
So most people complain about having to go to work everyday. Or they complain that they can't take any time off from work, for whatever reason.

Yesterday I found myself complaining that I can't seem to stay at work a full day. I honestly can't remember the last time I worked a full 40 hours in one week. I am so glad and so lucky that I have such an understanding boss.

Here's the story....

I missed work Thursday afternoon and all day on Friday because R was suspended from school. I came back to work on Monday all ready to take on the projects I left behind. My desk was so much worse than I had left it. I actually couldn't see my desktop. It was CRAZY. Seeing all that work made me realize that I actually do a lot of work around here, however I just happen to get it done pretty quickly. Hence all the time I spend online. LOL

So I'm slowly weeding my way through this mess on my desk. I'm starting to see an end to it all. I only have one thing left to do. I'm prepared to tackle it when suddenly my phone rings. It's the child development center. I have to go pick up A immediately because he has a fever. So I run into my boss' office and let her know that I have to leave. She lets me go, what choice does she have? And I head out to pick him up.

When I arrive I find that A doesn't really have a temp, but he does have green snot oozing out of his eyes. That can't be too good.

So today he is with my grandmother and I'm back at work. My mom has made a bet with my sister in law that I won't make it through the entire day without being called about another kid.
I sure can't wait until J comes back home so I can FINALLY work a full work week. Only 3 more months to go.


Anonymous Wendy said...

That totally sounds like me!

8:06 PM  

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