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{Wednesday, November 16, 2005} A New Hope
I broke down and called Rs psych yesterday afternoon and they were able to get us an appointment early this morning. I'm so glad they could work with us.

So the doctor took us back and talked to both of us. Then told us he'd be back and that he was going to get Rs chart. He was gone for quite a while and in that time R got into quite a few things. I kept telling him to settle down and don't get into the doctors book, etc. The doctor finally came back and let R in on a little secret. He has a camera set up and he was watching him. So he knows how R behaves on a regular basis. And to think, in the office, he was actually pretty calm compared to normal. LOL

Anyway, the doctor sat and chatted with us. Listened to my concerns and observed R some more. This time he was in the room though. Then he decided to try Adderall (sp?). We're gonna try this starting tomorrow morning and go back in next Friday to see how it's working. He said this medication will take effect pretty quickly. I sure hope this works. Although the doc was very reassuring that he will try whatever it takes to get this kid under control. YAY!!!!

So after the appointment, I took the prescription to the base pharmacy. I dropped it off and went to take R to school. By the time I got back to the pharmacy my number was up. So I go to the window only to find out they don't carry that prescription in that dosage. So I took it to another pharmacy. Luckily these guys have it, so I'll be picking it up after work. I'll keep y'all updated as to how this stuff works.


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And how is this working out so far?

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