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{Thursday, January 26, 2006} I'm so excited
Jay texted me this morning to let me know that if his flight goes well tomorrow he could be coming home as early as NEXT WEEK!!!!! You read that right!

I'm so excited, I'm ready to have him home. As I write that I sit here laughing to myself. Just less than a month ago, when he was home for a short Christmas break, I couldn't wait until he left. I guess this is a bit different though, cause now that he comes back it'll be for good. No more leaving for training. Now the only time he'll leave is if he has to go to Iraq, or short 2-3 day stays for work. I think I can handle that a LOT easier than this 100+ day stuff.

Anyway, this is a concrete thing yet. It all depends on tomorrow. I'll keep everyone updated.


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