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{Monday, January 16, 2006} The Pain, The Pain
So yesterday I had a freak accident. I took the kids with me to get a couple of food items from the grocery store. While we were standing in like, K was playing around in front of me. Suddenly she slipped and fell backwards, landing on my foot.

Obviously her landing on my foot hurt. But I didn't think anything of it until I started to walk. I realized I couldn't walk very well. So I hobbled out to the car, and loaded the kids and the groceries in. Once we got home I unloaded the food and got the kids their dinner.

Once I was ready to sit and relax I took my shoes off. To my surprise I had a purple/black foot!!!! Okay time to freak out. I called my doctor on call and she told me to get to the ER. So I drive myself over, wearing my fuzzy purple slippers as I couldn't get my shoe back on without hurting. The doctor looked at my foot, and took an xray. He was concerned because all this injury happend from my 35 lb princess.

So it turns out she landed on me just right to break my toe right where it connects to my foot. So now I'm hobbling around in a post-op shoe, so I can't bend my toes, and crutches. And apparently I'm going to be doing this for the next six weeks. Oh joy.


Anonymous Nina said...

Oh no that's awful! Gosh i'm so sorry!

12:27 PM  

Blogger Stefanio said...

Wow ninja warrior kids.

Seriously I hope it gets better soon and isn't too incovenient in the meantime.

2:44 PM  

Blogger Grant-Will-Rant said...

Ouch! But better your toe than K's fragile skull. I'm sure you'd agree.

4:07 PM  

Blogger Brandi said...

Goodness! I hope you feel better soon!

2:48 PM  

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