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{Thursday, January 19, 2006} Anxious
J should be coming home by the end of the month, assuming the rest of his flights go well. This means that as soon as he gets home I'll be giving my notice.

I'm nervous and sad and excited all at the same time. I'm really sad because I LOVE my job. The people are wonderful. I'm excited because this will start a new chapter in our lives. And I'm nervous because of the new chapter, so much unknown. And I'm worried about how my co-workers and bosses are going to react.

I'm not planning on leaving until the end of February. But what if they let me go before then? What if they find someone to replace me pretty quickly and I'm no longer needed. I can't decide if giving them notice so soon is good or not. I know it's good so that they can find a replacement and I'll have the opportunity to train them properly before it's time for me to leave. But what if they let me go before I'm ready.

I'm so torn.


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