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{Friday, February 29, 2008} If I could have just one wish
Let me think. I would wish that Randee could have it. That he could have my wish and it would actually come true. I feel like he's been left out so much since Kelsey was first diagnosed. We do all we can to include him in everything but it's just not the same. It's not HIS it's Kelsey's and he's along for the ride. I wish there were an organization out there that specialized in the siblings of the sick kid. Kelsey had her wish trip and it was awesome. But honestly, Randee isn't into princesses. He's not into ridding all the kiddie rides because his little sister is too small or too scared to ride the "fun" rides. I wish there were some way to ask Randee, if you could have one wish/any wish, what would it be? And I wish there were some way to make that wish come true.


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