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{Sunday, January 29, 2006} WHAT WAS I THINKING???
The ladies on my Milspouse board have been talking about MySpace for a while. Then the ladies on one of my mommies board started talking about it. Suddenly the morning show on my favorite radio station started talking about it. So I finally broke down and checked it out.

IDIOT me, started searching for people from my past. (That makes it sound so mysterious LOL) Next thing I know I'm looking up an old boyfriend. Am I that bored? Honestly what in my little brain would make me think to do that? Who knows. But the bad news is, I found him. Not only did I find him, I went one step further and sent him a message. As soon as I hit send I wanted to bad to take back what I had done. It reminds me of drunken phone calls in the middle of the night. Only I wasn't drinking and it was 8:30 in the MORNING.

This was the first guy I ever really cared about. He played a rather large part in the person that I have become. But this was 9 years ago. What the HELL was I doing sending him a message? I can just imagine what J is going to say as soon as he hears about this.

I AM AN IDIOT!!!!! WHAT WAS I THINKING???? OBVIOUSLY I chose to let my old feelings take the drivers seat at that moment. SOMEBODY SHOOT ME.... PLEASE!!!!


Blogger Chris Kalani said...

maybe it will be good? Who knows... but Myspace sucks and is dumb! ehhehe

www.chriskalani.com <- me!

12:06 PM  

Anonymous cj said...

It is kind of fun though, I did that last week. I dug out my year book and went searching to see who I could find. It was fun looking at the pictures... I lurked.. I didn't say anything.

1:30 PM  

Anonymous chancer said...



1:45 PM  

Blogger Debi said...

Ok Just stay far far away from myspace...it's bad bad bad

3:26 PM  

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