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{Monday, July 09, 2007} Finally, We are done
I can breath a bit easier as of this morning. K took her last dose of Temodar this evening. She has done wonderful through this whole thing. She was taking up to three pills at a time. And to think 42 days ago, when this all started, she couldn't even take one pill. We were having to break her meds up into apple juice.

This whole time I've felt horrible. I've felt like I've been poisoning my daughter. How could I give her meds that I can't even touch? I've had to wear gloves anytime I handle the pills. I've had to keep everything the pills touch and take them into the clinic to be disposed of properly. In a sense I have been poisoning her. I've been giving her high doses of a drug that kills cells. I know it's for a good reason, but it's still been difficult to do. In a couple of weeks we'll find out just how good this has been going.

K's MRI is scheduled for July 24th. We should have results within a few hours. She will go to the neurosurgeons office to have her shunt reprogrammed after the MRI. After that we will head to the clinic and get the results. I hope and pray things are good. I need to know that all of this stuff has been working. I hate the thought of putting my baby girl through all of this and it not be working.

Well we'll think about all the possibilities soon. For now we're rejoicing in the fact that she has finished her first round of chemo.


Anonymous Susan said...

Dear Brandi,

I'm just so sorry to read about your daughter. I found your blog from Heather's.

I will be praying for K. Are you part of the Pediatric Brain Tumor list? This is a very large group of parents, (over 800) with children with brain tumors.

If you are interested, let me know.

My son has a brain tumor, between a one and two glioma.

If you need to chat, feel free to email.

Hold on my friend,


10:31 PM  

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