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{Monday, March 19, 2007} Having Anger Issues
Now that K is sick, everyone keeps telling me how we need to go back to church and really pray for her. But I'm having issues. How can I go to church and worship a God who would allow a precious 5 yr old girl go through this? Why do I need to pray for something He should already know? I am so angry right now that my baby girl has to go through this. Why would He allowed a child to have an inoperable tumor? WHY?!?!?


Blogger Amy said...


6:52 PM  

Anonymous Katie said...

*hugs*. I wish I had the words to help you through this.

7:45 PM  

Anonymous Tiffany said...

Brandi, you dont need to go back to church, dont let people tell you what to do... that is what they told me to when my little one went through the seizures and like you I said nope not doing it only you can do what you feel is right for you and her and you are right why would god do that to a child??? i ask that question all the time and get no answer for it ever!!! i am always thinking of you guys and hoping for the miracle and answer that you are needing to get through this...

6:10 AM  

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