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{Monday, August 20, 2007} Trying to decide
Last night I shaved K's head completely. Well actually I buzzed it. I wanted to make it slick but realized that I couldn't take a razor to her shunt site because of how bumpy it is. I'm afraid I would cut her. So she is buzzed and it looks SO CUTE! I'll post a pic as soon as I upload it from my camera.

Anyway, now that she's bald I'm trying to find something for her to wear on her head. The weather is changing here and I don't want her getting too cold. She has a ton of hats but she doesn't like to wear them because they don't fit well. I am thinking about getting her a special scarf but can't decide if I should pay the $22.00 and risk her not wanting to wear it. What do you think? She is almost 6 and VERY girlie. I guess I'm leery because she hasn't found anything that she wants to keep on yet.


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