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{Saturday, August 18, 2007} She's back, everything is right in the world
K got back from her friend's house early this afternoon. She had a blast. She was talking a mile a minute telling me all about her day/night. Once she was all done telling me everything she gave a HUGE sigh and said "it was a good day". That was the sweetest thing ever to come out of her mouth. She was so precious at that very moment. I haven't been able to stop hugging her since she came home. I knew I was gonna miss her but I can't believe just how bad it really was.

So K finishes her chemo tomorrow night. I can't wait to be done with it. I feel horrible giving it to her. I know it's "good" for her but I feel bad having to poison her little body. I can't wait till this is all behind us. She has been handling things pretty well. She hasn't gotten sick yet. I'm waiting for that to hit. Right now, you'd never know she is sick.


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