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{Thursday, March 09, 2006} The Start of a New Chapter
Today was my last day of work. I almost started crying when I was walking out. I didn't want to leave, I love it there. M told me that I could go home anytime after 3:00, but I stayed until I had all of my work done. It felt so good to know that I wasn't leaving them with a pile of unfinished stuff.

Even though it was really sad leaving, I'm excited about the new adventure I'm about to start. Tomorrow morning I'll start really cleaning my house, beginning with the master bath. I have some serious hard water that I need to get off my glass shower doors. I have it all planned out, I'll be taking on one room a day and taking the whole day to get it to my liking.

Oh yeah and tomorrow I'm not just working on my bathroom, I also have to take my car in for servicing, pick up the dry cleaning and get ready for the annual awards banquet tomorrow evening. It's a semi-formal event so I'll have to take a good 3 hours of primping before being ready to go.

Wonder how much of this I will actually get done. In a perfect world I'll have it all done with time to spare.


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