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{Thursday, March 02, 2006} Going Away Party
Js shop likes to sorta of throw a going away party for the guys, and their family, that are leaving. It's usually nothing big, just picking a decent restaurant and going out to dinner. The people in the shop are a really tight group so most everyone shows up.

Well I've been asking J to find out when his going away will be so that my mom doesn't plan hers for the same day. So when I got home from work yesterday J let me know about the "party". Apparently the head of the shop doesn't want to take the time to put something together. Like it's so hard to say hey we're all meeting at Hooter's on Saturday.

Anyway, since Mr. Important decided he doesn't want to do this, some of the guys got together and made plans. So they've decided to grill out at someone's house. Unfortuantely this isn't a family friendly event. This is NOT an event that I can take my kids to, nor would I want them around this sort of thing. When ever these guys grill out, it's more of an excuse to get drunk and that's about it.

J wants me to ask my mom to watch the kids so I can go, but I feel bad. First off my mom is watching the kids the weekend before so we can go to an awards banquet. Second this is supposed to be a family thing and now it's not.

I'm pretty bugged about the whole thing. But what can I do?


Blogger ~Joy~ said...

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