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{Monday, February 27, 2006} I Can't Believe It
My last day at work is next Thursday. The company still hasn't had any luck in finding a replacement for me. Guess I'm just that good ;)

Anyway, the big boss came to me today asking when exactly my last day is. So I happily told him that it's next week. Then he said how much they're gonna miss me and how they're having such a hard time finding anyone that can do all I do for them. Talk about a warm fuzzy. THEN he proceeds to ask when exactly I'm hitting the road to move. So I tell him that's kind of up in the air, dependant on when we can get the house inspected and approved. So then he comes out and says it. "Do you think you could stay on here just a bit longer? We're having such a hard time finding someone it and if you stay a little longer it would be so much easier on us."

What was I to say? I told him I really wanted the following week off to get my house in order and ready for the movers. But if they really needed me that bad I would stay on another week.

On the plus side, if I do stay on that much longer my finaly paycheck will be a full one. On the downside, I already gave my notice at the child care center so I will need to find a quick back up for a week AND I won't be able to work on my house like I wanted to.

UGH I hate it when I don't know how to say no.


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