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{Saturday, February 25, 2006} So Much For Today
R is going to a BMX clinic today that is being put on by Thomas Fernandez. He's a AA Pro in the ABA. He's really excited about it and he's hoping that it'll help him improve his riding.

I was really excited about him going because that would mean that I get to stay home for 3 hours with NO FIGHTING KIDS. I figured I would try to get some housework done in preparation for the big move. Initially I figured that I would tackle Rs room and wash the walls. They are filthy right now from all the times he's kicked them when getting angry.

Well my plans to prep for the move went downhill when I received an email from my sister in law. Apparently they, at the last minute, decided to have a birthday party for their daughter and now we're invited. The catch.... It's this afternoon at Peter Piper Pizza. Yeah like I really want to spend half of my day around a bunch of kids that are on a sugar high and running wild. I don't even give my kids sugar on a regular basis because of the outcome.

So now my day will consist of dropping R off at his clinic, then me rushing home to wash dishes and throw a load of laundry to wash, then rushing off to the mall and finding my neice a birthday present and somewhere in between all of that I have to pick up my dog from the groomer.

Oh yeah and then I have to somehow figure out how to get R to the groundbreaking ceremony for the new BMX track in town which is at 4:00 this afternoon.

Oh joy! I'm already ready for bed.


Anonymous Klumsi said...

Eeep, sounds rough.
Somedays just aren't any fun at all, no matter which way you look at it.

12:50 PM  

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