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{Saturday, February 11, 2006} The Effects of Alcohol aka My Drunken Night
When I was younger I partied so much that I pretty much made myself sick of drinking. So imagine my surprise when after a hard day of working all I could think about was sitting down and relaxing with a nice glass of wine.

J got home around 7 last night and helped me put the kids to bed. Then we cracked open the wine and just sat together, unwinding. It was so nice and it was just what I needed. By the time I was on my second glass I was really starting to feel a buzz. At first I couldn't believe it. I used to be able to drink like it was water. Now I can't even handle two glasses of wine.

I turned to J and told him I feel like doing something stupid. So we retreated to the bedroom. Now I'm not one to go into details, this is afterall a family friendly blog. Let's just say we were up until I passed out, somewhere around 2 am.

This morning I was actually able to sleep in till 10. I couldn't believe it. I haven't slept that late in years. Although I have to admit I am quite sore, all over, from last night. And pretty hung over too. I have a feeling it'll be a LONG time before I ever drink again.


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go into detail

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