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{Wednesday, February 08, 2006} Much Better
I am so much more relaxed this afternoon. I wasn't able to give my notice yesterday as planned, but that's okay everythig worked out fine.

J called me this morning to let me know he set up the date when the movers would be coming to our house. That gave me a better time frame to look at. So I am allowing myself a week off before moving time. After I figured that out I walked into the boss and asked if I could talk to her for a minute. I let her know that we were moving, due to Js work, and I'm really sorry and sad that I have to go. She teared up a bit but was okay with it. I'm giving roughly a months notice so that should give plenty of time to find my replacement and let me train her/him.

What a relief getting all that off my chest. Now I can focus on getting my house in order and not stress about the job.


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