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{Saturday, February 18, 2006} I'm not that way
So I've been talking with my ex-boyfriend via email. He's the one that I needed closure with. Anyway, he sent me this email stating that he didn't realize K was my "girlfriend" way back then. I admit I did go through an experimental stage, however K was NOT my girlfriend. She was a female friend of mine but that is it.

How embarassing that these people I used to hang out all the time thought I had a girlfriend. Now before anyone gets all pissy at me, I'm not saying it's wrong for girls to have girlfriends. I'm all for it, like I said I did experiment with it but it just wasn't for me.

What funny things come out when you're getting it all out in the open finally.


Blogger Leon said...

Why is it that girls are so willing to "experiment" with each other, yet won't give geeks a break?

10:00 AM  

Blogger funlearning said...

What do you mean by give geeks a break? I've never had any problems with geeks.

10:43 AM  

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