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{Thursday, February 16, 2006} A Bit More Difficult Than I Expected
Finding a replacement is proving to be a bit harder than I thought. Our office ran the job listing in the paper last week and we've haven't had very many inquiries. I think on reason is because the paper has it listed funny. It took me FOREVER to find it on Monday.

So today and tomorrow are our scheduled interviews. The one interview we could get for today ended up canceling. For tomorrow we only have three interviews and that's it. Those are our choices so far.

We're planning on running the job listing again, only a bit differently this weekend. Maybe we'll get a better response the second time around.

I have exactly three weeks until my last day here. I remember to took a good two weeks before I was hired and another full week for me to be trained. I don't want to leave the place with no one to fill my position. I know it's not totally in my hands, but I still feel bad.

Wish us luck that we find someone good and soon.


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