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{Sunday, February 26, 2006} Stress
Why do certain people feel like it's okay to treat you like crap just because you're moving?

There is a certain person who is upset about our move out of state. So she is starting to treat us like crap and keep pointing out how depressed she is about us leaving.

I'm getting so tried of it and I still have another month before we leave. And it's not like I can't just avoid her from now on, that is totally not an option.


Blogger rob said...

I'm 52 and 3 kids ... take it cool, but try to have always eyes wide open.
My best wishes

6:43 PM  

Blogger Monkey said...

People like that can't express their emotions - I believe she's sad you're leaving but her emotional wiring is crossed up and bitchiness comes out when love should be there.

Hang in there and nice to meet you.

11:30 AM  

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