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{Monday, March 13, 2006} I Know, I Know
As much as I would like to get online and blog away every day, things just aren't working out that way lately.

Since Thursday night I've been working on my house as much as possible. So far I've only gotten my shower completely done, but I feel good about it. I've had to scrub that thing several times to get rid of all of the hard water spots, but now it's just like new. Next I'm tackling my bathroom floor. It's nothing but 1 inch x 1 inch tiles and it's NASTY. I'm probably going to be spending the next 3 days or so scrubbing the grout. Then I'll be washing all the marker and crayon off my walls. I'm really gonna miss the kids' artwork.

So if you don't see me online the rest of this week you'll know why.


Anonymous Katie said...

Geez you sound busy! Good luck with your cleaning.

4:43 PM  

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