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{Friday, May 19, 2006} Brainstorming
I'm trying to come up with some fundraising ideas for R. Because he came in 3rd at the Redline Cup Qualifier, he has now qualified to go to the Redline Cup Finals in California. I'm so happy for him, this is a BIG DEAL.

This race is at the end of September which gives me plenty of time to save up. However J will not be home when we have to go, so that means it will be me and all three kids. WOOHOO this should be fun. I thinking we may need to fly to this race because it's quite a distance from here, AND it starts on a Friday. I can't have R missing a week of school just to get down there. The flying and take the sibling adds to the expense. Which in turn has my brain going overboard trying to figure out how I'm gonna come up with enough money.

So I decided R should do some fundraising to earn as much of his share as possible. This is a three day race and it's pretty pricey to get in. So I'm thinking if he starts fundraising now he should have earned enough to cover a large chunk of his expenses.

Now my only problem is I can't seem to think of any ways for him to fundraise. I did think about having him offer to mow lawns around our neighborhood, but he's only 8 and can't even mow my back yard completely. Plus we don't know our neighbors very well yet. We did just move here afterall.

Anyway, do anyone out in blog land have any ideas/suggestions on how he can fundraise?


Blogger Brandi said...

Maybe get all your neighbors together and have a back sale or something. It would make money and give you a chance to meet everyone!

6:09 AM  

Anonymous njohn207 said...

That is a good idea or selling candy. Also what about dog walking? Maybe you can help him with it? I'm not sure of your climate but around here it is that time of year for weed pulling and minimal yard maintence. Since he is still kinda young it's hard to come up with ideas im sure!

9:50 AM  

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