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{Tuesday, May 09, 2006} Been a little busy this week

Had a pretty interesting weekend. Saturday we were heading over to the bike races when K decided she was going to get sick and throw up in the back of our van. Suddenly you hear this wretch and J swerves to get off at the next exit. He cut off a couple of cars in the process but we needed to get off the freeway. Then he turns the van around and we head home. It was kind of a bummer since we had to drive near 45 minutes smelling puke. Not a nice ride.

Sunday we got up early and headed down to Richland, WA for the Redline Cup qualifier. It was a gloomy day and seeing that this place is 150 miles away I figured the weather could go either way. I loaded the van with everything I could think of. Then we hit the road. 2 hours later we pull up to the track. It was a really nice track and it has a nice park right there to keep the non-BMX kids buys while the BMX kids race. Only just after the first moto started the rain started. It started as a light sprinkle and slowly increased. It never really poured but it did drizzle long enough to soak everyone and everything around. J to K and A to the van and they stayed there watching movies. I braved the rain to watch R and cheer him on. The track got pretty slick and riders were skidding out and wrecking everywhere.

By the end of the main R walked away with third place. But I'm proud of him for even getting that. The kids he has to race may be the same age as him, but they were twice his size. I know he's small for his age, but WOW these kids seemed HUGE. He has to work twice as hard to not be left behind and these kids are still working their hardest so they can win. So R walking away with 3rd was still a good thing.


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