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{Sunday, July 30, 2006} Exciting News!
I GOT A JOB! I'm so excited.

I told J that after my day from hell I wasn't going to look for a job anymore. I would just focus on school. I decided to cancel the job interview I had received a call for. I went to see the counselor about school and got all the info I needed. I applied for my PIN for financial aide.

Then later that day I got a call from another company. I had applied for a job online and then totally forgot about it. This job is the EXACT same thing I did right after R was born. I remember how much I loved that job. And it was in the medical field so it could be a benefit for me with school. I figured I would go to the interview and check it out. The last job that was like this offered help when going to school, if you were going for something that they could use. And we had RNs to help with medical pre-authorizations. So I went to the interview and walked away not feeling too optimistic about it. But that's okay because I still could follow through with school and go full time.

The day my PIN arrived in my email I got a phone call from this company. They wanted to hire me! I was so excited, I felt like jumping around the house and screaming. But wait, what about school? I talked to the counselor and she said there were plenty of classes that would work around my schedule. So I can still do both. I won't be able to start school until winter quarter due to financial aide, so I'll have a good 4-5 months of working before I add the stress of school.

Oh and want to know the best part? After I complete my training for this position I'll be working from home! WOOHOO!!! I'm still planning on putting K and A into daycare so they can get some interaction with other kids. Plus I know that I won't get much work done with them home. But aside from while I'm training, I don't need to worry about R. I found an opening for him at a family child care home just down the street from me. So he'll go there while I'm training for the first month and a half. But after that I'll be home when he goes to school and be home when he gets out.

So it looks like things are looking up.


Blogger Amy said...

That's awesome that things are looking so good for you! Congrats!

3:33 PM  

Anonymous Rebecca said...

That's WONDERFUL Brandi!!

3:36 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...


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