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{Wednesday, July 26, 2006} What Was I Thinking?
I volunteered to be a point of contact for Js squadron. It's been pretty uneventful so far. Then today I get a phone call. I have to call everyone in our squadron and let them know about a bbq that will be happening later this week. OMG I have to CALL people! OMG I have to TALK to people. I can't just leave a message. My heart is racing, I'm breaking out in a sweat, my palms are damp, suddenly I'm feeling very hot.

This is not going well. I keep getting answering machines which means I'm going to have to call again this evening to try and get a REAL PERSON. What have I done? I can't handle this!


Anonymous Nina said...

i know what you mean. I am inclined to volunteer for such things as well but at the same time, DREAD speaking on the phone to anyone. The internet is the best discovery of my life. lol.

8:24 PM  

Anonymous JGS said...

I actually never volunteer for such things (and feel guilty about it) because I know I hate making phone calls. Makes me so anxious and uptight. I get anxious even calling my friends, let alone strangers.


9:03 AM  

Anonymous Karoline said...

Here, have a paper bag and breathe in it ;)

I wouldn't be able to do that either. I hate talking on the phone, let alone calling people.


9:19 PM  

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