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{Thursday, May 25, 2006} I really don't like phone calls
I really do NOT like anything that has to do with me talking to people. It's not that I don't like people and I'm not some sort of stuck up snob. I just don't like it.

Well a couple of weeks ago this lady called our house to talk to me. She is the head of the enlisted spouses club here and she's married to Js commander. I didn't hear the phone ring so she left a message. I've been meaning to call her back every since, but every time I try I hang up the phone freaking out that I actually have to talk to someone.

Yesterday I started actually writing down a ToDo list so I don't forget anything. (I don't exactly have the best memory) Today J put down, on my list, to call this lady. My stomach dropped as soon as I saw that, but I knew it had to be done. I put it off until dead last. I had nothing else on my list to do. So I broke down and dialed. I hung up a couple of times, before letting the call go through. J just sat there laughing at me.

Once the call went through I was praying that there would be noone home. My prayer was answered, but I did get an answering machine. I left a short, hurried message and hung up. Then I had to sit on the couch and put my head between my knees. I felt like I was going to faint/vomit.


Anonymous Nikki said...

I am the same way, I hate to call anyone like that. I don't know why, but I get nervous and anxious so usually my hubby has to call for me..

6:24 PM  

Anonymous mamaholler said...

You and me both, sistah! (Not just the telephone though.)

I don't have time for phone conversations. I don't want to talk to anyone, I don't mind seeing people I know, but I don't want to meet new people or be in awkward social situations. My husband actually put a greeting on our answering machine with "business hours" for people to call when I agreed to answer the phone because I would just turn off the ringer all day long. I'm terrible. Yes, I'm a terrible, terrible person.

9:36 PM  

Blogger Andrea said...

I end up putting on the most uptight business voice and sound like a prude. lol

9:22 AM  

Anonymous Emma said...

I used to hate making phonecalls until I got forced to do that for work... now I can do it but I still struggle with making personal calls. Way to go for actually making the call AND for leaving a message on the answering machine.

1:55 PM  

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