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{Tuesday, May 23, 2006} I Guess I Need A Mans Point of View
Js "friend" called again last night. This is the first time that I'm aware of since I snooped through Js cell phone last week. He didn't bother to go outside to talk to her, but it was the type of conversation where she does most of the talking and he just grunts/mumbles in response. However the way he talked to her when he first answered the phone was very, for lack of a better work, playful.

After they hung up I asked who that was and he said it was his "friend from Oklahoma". So I started asking a couple of questions about her, not wanting to seem too obsessed or overbearing. But the only information I got out of him was that she is single. When I mentioned to him that she seems to call a lot more than his other friends, who are all guys, he just commented "well you know how guys are". Meaning they don't like to talk on the phone much.

Yes she is in Oklahoma so I'm not worried about some affair that could be happening here and now. But my question is why would a SINGLE woman be calling a MARRIED man? And would it be too much to tell J that I don't feel comfortable with him having single female friends? From my past experience they only reason girls wanted to talk/hang out with my boyfriend was because she was interested in becoming more than friends. I think I trust J, but I totally don't trust her. I don't even know her which is part of the problem.


Anonymous njohn207 said...

Go with your gut. If it says you don't feel comfortable with not knowing her and it says that you don't trust her then tell him. Don't let resentment build up because you hesitate to say more to him.

3:08 PM  

Anonymous cityflowergirl said...

hi, random passer-by here.

i was in a situation like that with my man and his "best friend". it's worth trusting your gut about her, but sit down and have a serious chat with him about how you feel cause keeping it inside will be more painful for a)you and b) your relationship. just my humble opinion

12:12 AM  

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