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{Friday, May 19, 2006} Let's Be Honest
I have run through just about every possible fundraising idea. Most fundraisers require a group. We don't have a group, no one else from our area has qualified for the Redline Cup Final. I can't hold a garage/yard sale because we donated everything we didn't need/want before we moved here. I'm not assertive enough, in person, to work my Discovery Toys business offline. And we all know that to really work it you need to do it in person with parties, or I'm sorry "demos".

So what am I supposed to do? Do I just tell R that it's impossible for me to save up enough money for all of us to go the the Redline Cup Final? This kid has his heart set on going and he's training so hard. Honestly, what 8 year old boy would go out jogging every evening and then start doing lower body work on his own? I'm not the one pushing him here, he's pushing himself. He knows the other kids his age are bigger than him. He knows he has to work twice as hard to be as good as them. And he's doing it. I have never seen such determintion in him before.

After a full day/evening of research I'm am stuck with A) not going to the Redline Cup Final, B) placing a donation button on my sidebar and hoping and praying that people will actually donate, or C) putting AdSense on my blog and again hoping and praying that people will click.

This is one of those times I wish we had more money. But, hubby is in the Air Force so he doesn't bring home much. We live on what we have to without much room for want. And I guess this is just a bit too much want. I just feel horrible having to break Rs heart with him working so hard for this.


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