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{Thursday, July 20, 2006} Livin It Up
J finally called me this morning. I haven't heard from him in a couple of days. I knew he was okay but my mind was starting to wander and I kept imagining all these horrible things happening to him. Last night I barely slept because I kept having nightmares. I hope my life isn't going to be like this from now on. Otherwise I'll go crazy. Oh wait I'm already there.

Anyway he is stuck in Greece. He was supposed to leave today to start heading home. He has two more stops before he gets here. But when they boarded their plane this morning they found that it was broken. They're now back in their hotel waiting for the aircraft parts to be flown in. Once they're in they guys are hoping to have the plane fixed in a day. So now we're waiting at home, wondering when he'll arrive. And he's living it up sight seeing and drinking the nights away. Must be nice.


Anonymous Nina said...

You know, the time i visited my dh while he was in Korea, i was flying Space A. it was the Holiday Season and i was stuck in the AIRPORT for 2 weeks straight- sleeping on the floor wherever i could find a stray corner. Anyway, i spent Christmas day with friends up in Seattle and then i got called for a space on a flight on the 26th of Dec. We boarded, waited like 3 hours on the plane and then they told us there was a leak in the fuel tank. So they put us up in hotels- 1 suite per person. THE BEST VACATION OF MY LIFE!!! We spent about 30 hours chilling in the hotel with food vouchers while they glued the fuel tank back together. (i had a 3 room suite all to myself. complete luxury. didn't go anywhere but to the restaurant downstairs.) after two weeks in the airport i couldn't have needed it more! It was cool. Your lucky dh!

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