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{Friday, July 21, 2006} Can I Do it?
I had the best phone call this morning. I've been waiting for this call for the past three months. It was the counselor from the education center here on base. I've been trying to get a hold of her for so long. My life long dream is to become an RN and I found the community college here offers it. Since I've never attemped school past high school I'm pretty clueless as to what to do. So I called her and was hoping she could guide me in the right direction. So now I have an appointment Tuesday morning to go meet with her. Oh about the kids... no worry, J will be should be home by then. Oh yeah and she said if I can't make it cause he doesn't show up, that's alright, I can go in any other time during the week. YAY!

So then this afternoon I get a call about a resume I had sent out a while ago. The lady asked if I had found a job yet and obviously my answer was "no". So I have an interview with her Wednesday afternoon.

Am I taking on more than I can handle? Is it really possible to work full time AND go to school?


Blogger icancarryallthebagsandthebabiestoo said...

To be honest, it's not IMpossible. My husband is currently doing it. But, I woudln't recommend starting both at the same time. I would either work first and start school later or the other way around.

I'd do this especially because nursing programs are so taxing.

Whatever you decide, I wish you tons of luck.

8:52 AM  

Blogger Morris said...

Yes it is possible, you just have to juggle your kids, which means calling in favors from family, friends, and other people you trust to watch them. I am against leaving kids with complete stranges, that has so called "licenses" to take care of kids.

Just think of it as many years of not getting much sleep while school is going on. A lot of school work is bullshit, so really you will only need to focus in on the important stuff, and you don't have to get all As.

Most important is don't make your family feel as though you are valuing school more then them.

12:16 AM  

Anonymous Denise said...

Nursing school is tough, but if you're really interested in the field you'll do well! Good luck!

10:14 PM  

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